Cyber Super

Cymatic Fields

Unfortunately, Cymatic Fields burnt almost totally in 2021. At least it saw the playa once before going to ashes.

Cymatic fields is an immersive and interactive installation composed of visuals and sounds. People are invited to enter this meditative chamber as an experimental space.
Every human being by his presence, affects imperceptible fields which will be audible and visible through the devices. Sound waves will be generated and transmitted to a vibrating surface. Several matters disposed on it, will adopt shapes specific to the body position and composition. Then, these shapes will be projected on the surface of the dome, and immerse us in a unique space that looks alike us. We are here inside a sensitive space of representation, surrounded by the multiple facets of our presence.

Concept for the dome structure

Concept for the inside of the dome.
In the center, there is a cymatic module. Matter is placed on a speaker, the sound waves puts matter in motion creating shapes specific to the vibrations.
Three theremin antennas are articulated around the cymatic module. They react to people proximity, modulating the sound and thus the shapes of the cymatics.

Light reprojects the shapes of the cymatics on the inside of the dome. Cushion are placed on the edges so people can lay down there, contemplating and meditating.

Engineer 3D for the structure to compute strengthness and wind resistance

Cymatics experiment with flour

Cymatics experiment with water

First working prototype of theremin.
The antenna reacts to body distance.

Cymatics experiment with laser directed on a piece of mirror sticked on a speaker. Theremin antenna is used as a controller to modify the oscillator of synth and thus altering the shape of light

During the "Hautes Haies" residency in Normandy, we managed to build the first version of the full setup. We put together the antennas, cymatics, reprojection and controlled lighting.
We also found a way to reproject the cymatics. Instead of one, we used three speakers. That way we could offset them leaving space in the center for a source of light. In this video we just used a tiny LED without optics.

Another experiment during the residency that time with optics. The projected image is sharper and has some colour due to chromatic aberration. However to widen the projection we tried a fisheye lens, which works, but the light source was too dim to cover a large area.

Structure finished. We added bamboos to strengthen it in case of strong winds.